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November, 2010

Health Benefits of Onion
  • November 26, 2010

Onion is being used for centuries not just to add flavor to foods but also for its therapeutic properties. Onion have an antibacterial and antifungal properties. Some people mixed vinegar with onion juice and apply it in their freckles and warts, it is believed that it can remove/reduce this skin problems.

Nutritive Values of Onions : Per 100 gm.

* Vitamin A : 50 I.U.* Vitamin B :* Vitamin C : 9 mg.* Calcium : 32 mg.* Phosphorus : 44 mg.* Potassium : 300 mg.* Carbohydrates : 10.3 gm.* Protein : 1.4 mg.* Calories : 45

Onion is Benenificial in the following conditions:

* Asthma* Influenza* Colds* Tuberculosis* Insomnia* Pneumonia* Antiallergy* Obesity* Reduce inflammation* Slightly laxative* High Blood Pressure* Lowers cholesterol* Prolong longevity* Helps destroy worms and other parasites.* Bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchial tube)* Neuritis (inflammation of the nerves)* Vertigo (inflammation of nerves)* Diuretic (increases the secretion of urine)* Diabetes mellitus – lowers blood sugar.* Valuable for the hair, nails of the fingers and toes, and for the eyes.* Sinus conditions – helps to drain mucus from the cavities and loosen phlegm.* Whether fresh or cooked onions have antiplatelet, adhesiveness, thus preventing thrombosis

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World’s Most Beautiful Smile
  • November 26, 2010

Health Benefits of Carrot
  • November 26, 2010

Carrot is a vegetable grown for its edible root. Raw carrots are eaten in salads and are mixed with some viands.

Carrot contain carotene, a chemical that is converted into vitamin A by the body, it helps prevent night blindness.

Health Benefits of Carrot:

1. Carrot can enhance the quality of breast milk.2. Carrot can improve the appearance of the skin, hair and nails.3. When taken daily it can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.4. Raw contain beta-carotene, a strong antioxidant that can prevent cancer.5. Carrot juice when taken everyday prevent bodily infections and is claimed to be valuable for the adrenal glands (the small endocrine glands situated above the kidneys).6. Carrot can help improve eyesight.7. Carrot can help increase menstrual flow.8. Carrots can regulate blood sugar.9. Carrot can promote colon health, because carrot is rich in fiber.

Carrot is also helpful in the following cases:

Obesity, Poisoning of the blood, Gum disease, Insomnia, Inflamed Kidneys, Liver, Gallbladder, Alzheimer’s disease, Colitis, Ulcer Painful urination

Vitamin and Mineral Content:

* Vitamin A – 12,000 I.U,* Vitamin B; Thiamine B: .06 mg.* Riboflavin: .06 mg.* Niacin: .5 mg.* Vitamin C: 5 mg.* Vitamin D, E, G, & K* Calcium: 39 mg.* Iron: .8 … Read More »

Story of Appreciation – Nice One !
  • November 25, 2010

One young academically excellent person went to apply for a managerial position in a big company.

He passed the first interview, the director did the last interview, made the last decision.

The director discovered from the CV that the youth’s academic achievements were excellent all the way, from the secondary school until the postgraduate research, never had a year when he did not score.

The director asked, “Did you obtain any scholarships in school?” the youth answered “none”.

The director asked, ” Was it your father who paid for your school fees?” The youth answered, “My father passed away when I was one year old, it was my mother who paid for my school fees.

The director asked, ” Where did your mother work?” The youth answered, “My mother worked as clothes cleaner. The director requested the youth to show his hands. The youth showed a pair of hands that were smooth and perfect.

The director asked, ” Have you ever helped your mother wash the clothes before?” The youth answered, “Never, my mother always wanted me to study and read more books. Furthermore, my mother can wash clothes faster than me.

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White Peacock vs. Peacock
  • November 20, 2010

The Biggest Football Miss in History – Uzbekistan vs Qatar
  • November 20, 2010

Philosophy of Life
  • November 20, 2010
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A boat docked in a tiny Mexican fishing village.

A tourist complimented the local fishermen on the quality of their fish and asked how long it took them to catch it.

“Not very long.” they answered in unison.

“Why didn’t you stay out longer and catch more?”

The fishermen explained that their small catches were sufficient to meet their needs and those of their families.

“But what do you do with the rest of your time?”

“We sleep late, fish a little, play with our children, and take siestas with our wives. In the evenings, we go into the village to see our friends, have a few drinks, play the guitar, and sing a few songs.

We have a full life.”

The tourist interrupted,

“I have an MBA from Harvard and I can help you!You should start by fishing longer every day.You can then sell the extra fish you catch.With the extra revenue, you can buy a bigger boat.”

“And after that?”

“With the extra money the larger boat will bring, you can buy a second one and a third one and so on until you have an entire fleet of trawlers.

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