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March, 2014

Fresh HOT NEWS!!!
  • March 30, 2014

Dont know whether if anyone had this covered up before.

Recollecting the old saying, “As you sow so shall you reap”. Even though this is usually referred to the good deeds that one does. It can be applied to anything and everything. BUT this is not the case for many, like the Farmers who are the reason for our FOOD, mostly (most of them) doesnt have a FULL 3 MEAL A DAY, Cloth Weavers doesnt have proper Clothes to wear (frankly speaking its “cover” rather “wear”), Building Construction workers doesnt have proper Shelter for themselves, etc., etc., the list just goes on and on.

But today for the first time encountered someone who has been delivering all kinds of news around the area, city, district, state, country and world right to your houses, doesnt get covered up in the news at all (or rather I would say, I havent seen any to my knowledge).

My experience with them personally happened today, which started off in a different way. I was expecting my baby to get delivered and to open its eyes to see the world (rather its the world to see my baby emerging out strong).

This is one … Read More »

Best Friend
  • March 30, 2014

Talking with your most best friend is the most wonderful feeling you can ever get.

Talking with that guy in the loudest of the voices you can ever speak but the atmosphere is such that you can even hear the pin-drops.

Getting used to the morning walks around the empty roads and beaches. City is not that bad as its seen, one can still get to see calmness and emptiness. Just will have search and find it.

Could hear, see and feel just about everything, mad rushness of the milkman delivering to the houses, tea stall masters silently prepares the morning servings, could even smell the masalas of food preparation in the houses tempting to eat even when not hungry. Everything happens while for many its still far from dawn.

Even that little bit of morning walks and stretches getting cramps all over my body, goes to show what a 15 yr gap of physical activity can do to you. Always felt am strong, since have hardly been sick, but now can see how much stronger am in, which keeps raising the question, CAN I???

Just by accompanying my champs is what I have to do? or is there … Read More »

Resumed Monthly Ritual
  • March 30, 2014

Resumed my regular monthly ritual after about 4 months break.

Wow!! what a pleasant feeling!!!! felt like visiting home again and didnt want to return back. Prayed that I have few more works to complete. But on second thought, does that few more extra time/days/years would be enough for one to say that “am done”.

How many have really said with satisfaction that I have done all I need to do in the present life that was provided, and am ready to go back home???

Why is that we always wait for the owner to kick us out of our rental mortal body??? Cant we be cheerfully ready to leave once the notice itself comes??? we get into the habit of extending/postponing till the last min, and hence suffering all over the place and to everyone.

Most of the suffering happens for others is for these question “what am going to do?”, “how am I going to proceed?”. Well, the creator of the problem is ourselves. We try hard to do things for our satisfaction, our wish, to make it easy for others to live, etc., but we never thought of educating our dependents to withstand on their own … Read More »