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July, 2014

What goes round, comes around!!!
  • July 8, 2014

Many would have thought (the title of this message), this should happen. Yes, it might happen for some, and might not happen for some. But the TRUTH is, it should definitely happen at some point of time. The only thing is, one’s (deserve) good deed should be the only way it can be experienced.

So far, in my life, I have experienced many such incidents, where I have seen people experience whatever they did for others. I have seen way too many such incidents, but a few which I was eager to see, never happened. May be, I am not that deserving enough to witness it.

Saying that, I have experienced many, I dont claim that I am that Good enough. Am just trying my best, but I myself know that I have done which I should have never done, while some might have never known. So, whatever I am now, could be a feast to someone else who shall be witnessing for what I have done to them.

FORGET and REMEMBER, the most cruel/curse at the same time the most pleasant/boon God/Almighty has given us.

If one FORGETS what needs to be REMEMBERED, and if one REMEMBERS what … Read More »