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June, 2015

Food – Veg/Non-Veg
  • June 14, 2015

I thought about writing about Food in general covering various aspects of Food, but then the content was way too long, so decided to cover on specifics of Food.

Veg and/or Non-Veg

Recently, I have been hearing this war of words and even reached to the level of expressing as fashion these days. That’s why, I have started with this topic as the first related to Food.

Ok, Why Veg? Why Non-Veg? Whats there in Veg? Whats there in Non-Veg? Obviously, most of us know whats there, so we will come to “Why?” and “Why Not?”.

Again, recently I have been seeing/hearing quite a lot of conversions happening between the two amongst the people. When some handful of people are converting from Non-Veg to Veg, on the other hand huge no. of people are converting from Veg to Non-Veg, whether its for taste or for medication.

Well, let me clarify you guys one thing about this article and my goal. I am not here to preach go for Veg or go for Non-Veg. Neither, I am going to touch anything related to benefits and non-benefits of it. The idea here is to just clarify on specific points for you … Read More »