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December, 2015

Freelance Developer
  • December 29, 2015

When I took freelancing 12 years back (yes, 2013), which was then looked odd amongst the regular day job or office goers. It was even felt that I am not that IT guy who can manage myself in the office environment and something is there which doesnt suite to work in an office. Even, I have been booed that I will be a big failure as several of my friends failed doing freelance. Well, I took it up as a challenge as it gives me immense pleasure to learn along the way working with live projects, dealing with strategies, dealing with clients, handling issues, implementing the logics, delivering the codes, testing and implementing the product into the client’s environment. When, I learnt about SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) in my computer classes, I wanted to someday handle and experience it first hand. Well here I am, now I have worked in each of the process, understood, learnt (not the easy way) the process.

SDLC Process: I have got the requirements from the clients, Analyzed, Designed, Coded/Implementation, Tested, and Deployed.

I have given some hope to all my ex-peers, friends, etc., inspite am a family man, freelance could well be possible … Read More »